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Women in Tech Israel Kickoff – Is Chutzpah The New Charisma The Israeli Recipes To Success

Jenyfer Maisonneuve, Chapter Ambassador
Anne Baer, CEO & Founder @iKare Innovation, Board member Women in Tech Israel
Inbal Arieli, Founder & CEO @Synthesis
Esther Barak Landes, Investor @Chartered group
Orlie Dahan, Executive Director at EcoMotion
Emi Palmor, Former DG of Israel Justice Ministry, member of Facebook and Instagram’s new Oversight Board

Avital Bayer, CEO @HiPitched, Board member Women in Tech Israel

“Be aware of the world around you and really demonstrate your capabilities, your soft skills, your critical thinking of innovation, your ability to dare and being optimistic; doing your best without being afraid of making mistakes!” – Inbal Arieli

“As an investor, I saw that entrepreneur women are trying to solve the problem of today, where they’re ideas are world-changing solutions.” – Esther Barak Landes

“Chutzpah is having the nerve to say or do something, as charisma is when you say something people see that valuable thing in you but you still need that Chutzpah to make the wave happen.
We need to have more women out there and this is why I founded Women in Mobility to facilitate women networking and give them tools, for exemple help them learn how to speak in public in order to see more women speakers out there.” – Orlie Dahan

“We tend to be concerned by equal opportunities for women, but in fact there is a lot of responsibility for women to dare and try out; to get where they want to be, it has to start by education and agility.
I see the digital world as another opportunity to advance equality.” – Emi Palmor